Woman Went to Church for Signs About Biological Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

JUDGE LAKE: You may be seated. RON: Hello, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello. This is the case of
Webster v. Ware.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Webster,
you recently learned
shocking news that Myron Smith,
the man you believed
to be your dad, and who paid child support
for you, may not be
your biological father? WEBSTER: Yes, Your Honor. Now you’ve dragged
the defendant, Mr. Ware,
toPaternity Courtto prove that
he is your father and claim today’s results
will prove your case? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Ware, you admit
that you had a relationship
with Ms. Webster’s mother around the time of conception, but say for the past 40 years
you were told Mr. Smith was her father? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So Ms. Webster,
tell me why you now believe Mr. Ware is your father? Your Honor, I worked
in a beauty salon
with some of his relatives, and they always kinda
had something
against me. Um, I heard a relative
say that, “That’s not
none of your father.”So I started
I asked my mom,
I talked to Mr. Smith, like, “Why are they
saying that I’m not
a part of their family?” When you questioned
Mr. Smith,
what did he say? He said, “You will
always be my daughter. “I believe in my heart
that you are “and no matter what,
you’ll always be
my daughter.” And that still wasn’t
answer enough for you,
you still had doubts. WEBSTER:
I still had doubts, um, I was a blood donor,
we’d talked about blood types, and I know that the mother
and the father… The child will have
one or the other. And me and Mr. Smith
don’t have the same
blood type. I was in question again,
I’m very curious. I was with my cousin,
Ms. Smith, and she said, “You know,
I really believe in my heart
that Mr. Ware is your father.” She said, “You walk like him,
you chuckle like him.” She said, “If I close my eyes,
and you both chuckle, “you wouldn’t know
the difference.” Really? I had a baby book
for a long time and I never really started
putting things together until the blood type
wasn’t the same. And I’m looking
in the baby book, and there’s relatives
of Mr. Ware’s family
that signed it when I was born,
they brought gifts. There was an address… JUDGE LAKE: Really?Relatives of Mr. Ware…WEBSTER:Yes, Your Honor.…have signed
into your baby book
when you were born? Correct, Your Honor. So Mr. Ware… WARE: Yes, ma’am. You knew
of this young woman… Yes, I did. But you do not believe
you’re her biological father? No, I do not. Because at the time when her mom and I
were dating, she was in between two cities, Louisville, Kentucky
and Dayton, Ohio, and she would spend
months there and months here. And during that time
when she became pregnant, she explained to me that she was and that it was
another man’s child. So she told you… Yes, she did. …that it was
someone else’s baby? Yes, she did. Did you ever do the math
and think about when
she possibly was conceived and whether or not
you were in a relationship
with her mother at that time? No, Your Honor. At that time, being I believe,
around 15-16 years old,I didn’t know anything
about timelines.
So you just took
her word for it? Yes. At 15-16 years old,
I see that. So Ms. Webster says
she would hear things. Did you ever get
any trickles of information? No, Your Honor,
I never got anything, never got any information. How did you lose contact?
You all dated? Were you boyfriend
and girlfriend in high school? Yes, Your Honor,
we were,
but we lost contact because a couple
of years after that, I went into
the military. Okay. And when you came back,
no one said to you,
“You may have a child”? No one said that to me and the mom had
moved back to Ohio, so I never saw her
for years. Were you there
when her mom
was pregnant? Yes, I was there
when her mom
was pregnant. As a matter of fact,
we continued to date at that point. I remember times
of being with her mom and rubbing her belly, and just always there
to support her. Are you sure you had
not impregnated her? I was sure that I had not
impregnated her because she told
me that. All right, so let’s
fast forward to the day you finally get
to meet Mr. Ware. We went to visit him
at his church. I knew who he was
but he didn’t know
who I was. I’d just been praying,
you know, that I find out
who my father is. There’s things in my
life, there’s roadblocks
there’s stumbles I’ve been going through. There’s things that…
Goals I’m achieving. And knowing who my father is,
is one of them. And I came to the Lord,
I went to the altar, they had altar call. And I went up and
I just prayed that… (CRIES) God give me a sign
to reveal… Reveal what’s going on. So, I’m praying, and I’m nervous,
but I just felt this energy, and they asked
for the prayer warriors
to come out. And when I got up, Mr. Ware was standing
right behind me, so… And did you know
it was Mr. Ware? When I was down,
no, I didn’t know
who was standing there when I got up. You know, I get up
and I turn around
and he’s right there. So, I mean, something,
there’s gotta be some energy,
there’s gotta be something. It can’t be in vain. You are a deacon, right? Yes, I am. And he’s a spiritual person. Did you know it was her? Did you know it was
Ms. Webster, this baby? WARE: I did not. That you knew before she
even left the womb? Did you know? No, I did not know
at that time until she introduced herself. Well, I also went
to meet your mother
and she said… I knocked on the door,
and I said, “Hi, Demisha,
I’m Marica’s daughter.” And she stepped back,
she said, “Well, baby,
what took you so long? “Did your mama get
that blood test done?” Maybe my mom knew something
that I didn’t know. But at that time, I took it
from her mother to be truth that this was not my child. I never believed in my heart
that she was my child. So you did not feel
a connection like
“This could be my daughter,” the way in which she says
your mother reacted
when she met her and said,
“What took you so long?” No, Your Honor, I did not. The fact of the matter is, is that you are not my child. I love you like a child and like a sister,
but you’re not my child. My name is Tamara Smith, and I grew up in the household
with Demisha’s mother,
Ms. Webster. Okay. Mr. Ware was like
a part of our family. I know what Ms. Webster
may have told him, that
he wasn’t the father, but I believe in my heart,
when Ms. Webster
left Louisville to move back to Dayton, Ohio, that she left there pregnant. How is it that as the cousin,
you know more than the mother? Is there something
you observed? You knew that they were
in a sexual relationship
around the time? So you know for certain
that around the time
Ms. Webster was conceived,your cousin,
which is her mother,
was having sex with Mr. Ware? Yes, I know that. Do you know anything
about why her mother
chose to tell him, “You’re not the father”? I think she may have
told him, because when
she moved back to Dayton, she started
a relationship with
this other guy. I think that’s
what happened. Well, I wanted to get
your opinion on it, and Ms. Webster’s mother
is in court today and so I’m going to have
a chance to ask her
that very same question. But before we get
to that point, I’d like to speak
to the other
possible father. Uh, Ron, can you please
escort him
into the courtroom? Yes, Your Honor. You can go right
up there to the
witness stand, please. Thank you for
joining us, Mr. Smith. As you know, we’re here
discussing the paternity
as it relates to Ms. Webster. You have been paying
child support? Yes, I have. But you don’t believe
you’re her biological father? No, I don’t. I can tell you why. Please. Ms. Webster was born
September 17th, which means that she had to be
conceived either late December
or January of ’76 or late December of ’75. I was in the
United States Army
stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Really? I can show you right there,
she was born
on September 17th.The last time I was home
on leave was late November.
So in order for her
to be born in September,
she had to be conceived
either late December
or early January.
I was in Fort Hood, Texas.And if you’d come home
for Thanksgiving,
that’s too far away. That would make Ms. Brady
42 weeks pregnant. And I don’t know nobody
to carry a child 42 weeks. So how did you end up
paying child support
if you weren’t even there? Because I was raised
to do the right thing and I was naive about it
and I signed the papers. Ms. Webster, you were
initially told he was
your biological father? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Smith has always said
that, “No matter what,
you’ll always be my daughter.” So I just accepted it,
but as the older I got, I’m like, it’s not enough,
it’s not making sense
in the end. They don’t share
a father-daughter
relationship. I can see that
this confusion just
really eats away at you. I can see it
in your eyes. It does, Your Honor.
It’s just like there’s
something missing. I just want to know
who I belong to, my identity,
I deserve to know that. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, you do.I feel that I can get
some closure and move on.
I might be a bride
one day.
I need my dad
to walk me
down the aisle.
I’ll have grandchildren,
I might need advice. You’re right.
You deserve that. I wanna get
some more answers
for you. I would like
to call your mother
into the courtroom. And Mr. Smith,
I’m going to ask you
to please step down and stand right next
to Mr. Ware,
if you don’t mind. Ms. Brady? This way. You can walk up
to the witness stand
right next to the judge. Ms. Brady, thank you
for joining us today. You’re welcome. Of course, we are here
regarding your daughter and her search
to find her father. What was going on at the time? And who is
her biological father? Her biological father
Standing right there? BRADY: Yes. He says he was gone,
he was serving the time
that she was conceived. Is that not true? Right, but Mr. Smith
also came home on leave. Once we got together,
Mr. Smith went back
to the service, and then I was pregnant. When Mr. Smith
called me one day, I said, “You know what?
I’m pregnant.” (CHUCKLING) I never received
that call, Your Honor. BRADY: Yes, you did. Okay. Yes, you did. You don’t remember
this conversation, Mr. Smith? No, I don’t. Not at all. When I come home
from the military,
I got a letter in the mail, stating that I had
to come down
to the child support. When I got there,
Ms. Webster was waiting…
Ms. Brady was there. She said I was
Ms. Webster’s dad. So, being naive,
I just took her for her word. I signed the papers,
I said ’cause I’m gonna
do the right thing and step up to the plate. If that’s my child,
then I’m gonna
be there for her. But as she got older, in time,
and you start hearing
different things and different parts of stories
of this, that and the other, and Ms. Webster and myself
got together some years ago
and discussed this about… We went into detail about, you know,
who her natural dad is. And I think
we both should know because we’ve been
struggling with this
for over 10-15 years now, and I feel like that
we both should know. And Ms. Brady,
do you have any doubts… No. …as to whether or not
Mr. Smith is Ms. Webster’s
biological father? No. You don’t? You will say it
just as plain? Yes. You know it’s him? Yes. And you’re positive? Yes. So when Mr. Ware
talks about being there
and rubbing your stomach and all of that, you weren’t also
in a relationship
with him? I was in a relationship
with Mr. Ware. He was my supporter,
I mean… He did everything
for me, with me
and everything. But he’s not the father. JUDGE LAKE:
So why do you think
your cousin is saying this?
BRADY:I don’t know
why Ms. Smith is
saying this.
She know more than I do,
I guess. She said she remembers
during the time Ms. Webster
was conceived that you were also
sleeping with and having
a relationship with Mr. Ware. Right. So you were? Right. So he is, potentially? No. It’s not Mr. Ware’s baby. MS. SMITH: Okay, well… It’s not. All right, the only way
we are truly going to
get down to the bottom of this since everyone seems
to have a different story, is to get the results. Ron, the envelope, please. I have two of them, ma’am. Thank you. In the case of
Webster v. Ware,
when it comes to
40-year-old Demisha Webster, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Smith, you… …are not her father. Are you surprised? Hurt, yes. Surprised, no. I thank you for everything
that you’ve done for me. Always, baby. I appreciate you,
and like you said… Always. Always, sweetie. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) (MR. SMITH SPEAKING
INDISTINCTLY) Ms. Brady, you just told me
you were sure. I thought I was sure. I thought…
I really had it in my heart that Mr. Smith was her dad. Well, I have the results here
for Mr. Ware. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. Let me say this
before you read those results. Demisha was named
for my cousin Marica
and Mr. Ware, his middle name
and Marica’s name together, and that’s how
she got to be Demisha. Mr. Ware, did you know
she was named after you? Yes, I did, Your Honor. And of course, Marica and I,
we got together to name her
at the time. I do remember that. You dated through
the process, you named
her together, but you were sure
he was not the father? Right. And you made him certain
he was not the father? Right. Let’s go to the results.
(SIGHS) In the case of
Webster v. Ware,
when it comes
to 40-year-old
Demisha Webster, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Ware, you… …are not her father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) (GROANS) (SNIFFLES) JUDGE LAKE: I’m so sorry. Thank you. Thank you. (CRIES) (WAILS) (CONTINUES WAILING LOUDLY) JUDGE LAKE: Please sit down. Have a seat, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Sit down. We shouldn’t have opened up
a can of worms. That can of worms
should have been closed. But I deserve to know. Baby, I’m so sorry. (SNIFFLING) It is okay. JUDGE LAKE: I have to ask you who do you remember?
Do you have any idea? No. WEBSTER: It’s all good. This will do nothing
but make me stronger. It don’t even matter
at this point. I’m 40 years old. My stepfather’s
been in my life. He’s raised his grandkids
and my kids. He’s been there. That’s my dad. Well, this court has
counseling for all of you
available right now. And Ms. Brady talk to
whomever you need to to say, “Hey, do you remember
anybody else I dated?” Because it’s not about you,
it’s about her. I wish you all
the very, very best of luck. Court is adjourned. Thank you.


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