World Finance Interview with Jean-Marc Torre – Part 1

Since the 2008 recession the U.S. commercial
banking sector has faced a dramatic number of changes. Here to tell us how companies
are navigating the labyrinth of new rules and staying competitive, Jean-Marc Torre.
Now, Jean-Marc, you have a number of commercial banking clients. Can you tell me about some
of the trends you’re seeing among them? The biggest trend now is innovation, innovation
that transforms and sometimes disrupts the business landscape. The other trend is cyber
security. Everybody now recognizes that cyber crime is a very important risk for businesses.
Another trend is probably companies have to be more capable than ever to deal with uncertainty,
uncertainty with an environment which is changing a lot. And I guess the last thing I would
like to mention is regulation. Regulation has increased and its impact is now, particularly
in the financial sector, very important as well. Now, can you tell me how companies are
able to stay competitive in the ever-growing, ever-changing global marketplace? Globalization
is not a new thing, but it’s fair to say that now it has different features. One important
feature now is the fact that all companies because of their investments, their markets,
their supply chain, they are international. And again, international is also uncertainties
and change. It’s a changing environment, so companies have to recognize the change, sometimes
new difficulties, but have to be also quick to grasp opportunities. So I guess they are
trying to understand better the markets, and keep this global view but at the same time
local understanding. And this is where new challenges as much as new opportunities can
be identified. This dialogue, this understanding we have of the complexity of the world our
customers have to operate in is I think critical, as much as it is for them to make sure that
they have a strong support and understanding of the various countries and markets they
are in.

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