Xi Jinping: “Inherit the Red Gene”

Time to inherit the red gene Chinese leader Xi Jinping is pushing a moral
revolution And it’s as insane as it sounds. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. China today is faced with challenged heaped atop more challenges. A slowing economy. Environmental destruction And social unrest. But don’t you worry about China. Because Chinese leader Xi Jinping has the
answer. Inject a little bit of that good old fashioned
Communist morality. That’s worked so well before! In newly issued state approved morality guidelines, Xi is telling people to inherit the red gene. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of gingers
in China. So I assume inheriting the red gene will be achieved through forced genetic engineering. Humane forced genetic engineering. Anyway, if an authoritarian regime accused of grotesque human rights violations telling people they need to be more moral
seems odd to you, your red gene really isn’t working right. I suggest a trip to the Shanxi brain cleansing and gene therapy center. The new moral guidelines are being called, “Outline for Implementing the Moral Construction of Citizens in the New Era.” Wow, inspiring. It involves a lot of studying Xi Jinping Thought
on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. They’re really into this new era stuff. The guidelines focus on the citizen’s duty in “bearing the great responsibility of
national rejuvenation.” In other words, if the ship goes down, it’s your fault, not his. Should have been a better communist. To help with all this, is the brand new app from party mouthpiece
People’s Daily, the Chain on Aspirations app. It allows you to pledge your loyalty to the Communist Party on blockchain. So it can exist in cyberspace forever. It’s like a virtual time capsule. You write down things like, why you joined the Communist Party— for the money— and then the capsule will open up on the Party’s anniversary each year, a constant reminder of why you pledged your life to the Party— for the money. “The app has been dubbed the digital version of Mao’s Little Red Book, and it awards points for consuming Party propaganda. Passing an exam in the app is even required now for journalists.” But the moral revolution doesn’t stop in
the cyber world. It also coming to subways throughout China. China is banning eating, drinking, and other uncivilized behavior. What counts as uncivilized? Fortunately that’s been left vague enough to ensure the kind of arbitrary enforcement we’ve come to expect from those beloved
local Party cadres. And finally, in a crack down on pornography the Communist Party is targeting Christians. I mean, look at this smut. Do they know no shame? Oh wait…they do, that’s the whole point. Anyway, the Party has started a yet another
campaign, this time “to eradicate pornography and
illegal publications.” And you know what’s an illegal publication. No. I think I’m going to be sick. No, I’m talking about non-Party approved
Bibles. Also, one local government released this open
letter, titled “All the People Must Take Action and Fully Carry Out Work to ‘Clean Up Gang
Crime and Eliminate Evil’ and ‘Eradicate Pornography and Illegal Publications’ in the Religious
Field!” Translation: anything Christians say or do in public or
online in China will be heavily monitored and censored. So…maybe a vow of silence is in order? Hmm, no, then you wouldn’t be able to praise
Xi Jinping. Ah well. So what do you think of the moral revolution
of China? Will it stink as bad as the toilet revolution? Let me know what you think below. Thanks for watching this episode of China
Uncensored. Once again I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.


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