Yearbooks Records Update | Ancestry®

Yearbooks are amazing journals that
capture a sliver of time in the life of your ancestors. So many family photos can go missing, or only one member of the family has a copy of mom and her
marching band uniform, or grandpa posing as president of the chess club. With the
latest addition to our Ancestry Yearbook Collection, your journey down memory lane isn’t far. One of my favorite new Yearbook features is instead of having
to save the entire Yearbook page to the person in your family tree, you can just
pin a single photo of their cute face! I love setting their profile photo on my
Ancestry Family Tree to their senior picture, and I think you will too.
Does a class clown run in the family? Or, did grandma always wear the same
red lipstick that she does now? Yearbooks is a perfect place to find and share
those family discoveries.


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