YogiRaj Shri Shailendra Sharma – PATHIK- KSHITIJ KO CHHU LENE

When the eagerness to touch the horizon
Will inspire you to walk And when you will find the path in front of
you stretched to infinity Then for not having walked ever Your heart will tremble, your mind will say
to you Stay back, where are you going? Where will you find this pleasant warmth of
relations? Those you consider your own
And those who have brought you to existence Will you be able to break the pleasant bond
of their proximity? You will find it hard to break
When you find it hard, leave everything and walk And look once, only once, towards the horizon Where you will see the path meeting infinity
You take inspiration from it And just walk ahead
While walking you will be pulled back By the pleasant warmth of the nest
But taking the reserves of life And a little bit of courage in heart Confront a few storms and harsh gales
That you encounter full of dust on the way You only keep the horizon in sight
Walk, stop not, and walk on…….

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