You Do Have Good Genetics | Muscling In ep. 8

that coffee I want to talk about genetics for a bit the way I see it there are five ways you can have good genetics and here they are most most people only talk about the first one people that gain muscle easily but of course that’s not the whole story so let’s talk about each of these one by one let’s start with the gain muscle easily of course these are the guys that are very responsive to weight danger they train a little and the muscle grows very easily well yeah these are the blessed guys but if you’re not one of those guys don’t worry you can excel in other things for example you may be able to gain strength easily and I’m sure you’ve noticed that yourself even on YouTube there are a lot of very famous youtubers that don’t look that good actually but they are ridiculously strong they can out lift everybody in their gym another sort of good genetics you can have are good proportions and this can manifest in two ways number one you may have very good proportions in terms of your bones your skeleton because there are people that have a very wider pelvis and their shoulders are narrow and there are also guys that have very wide shoulders and a narrow waist and hips and of course these guys can excel better in a bodybuilding competitions or any other physics port that is about aesthetics the second part of good proportions are muscle bellies and muscle bellies basically mean where your muscles attach to your bones and this can drastically affect the way your physique looks like when you are very muscular a place where you can spot this very easily is on your biceps for example if you like me and you can fit two fingers between your elbow and where your bicep that means you have a small muscle belly for for biceps but if you look like someone like the famous Sergeant Bray or how do you pronounce his name look at the way his biceps work it’s it’s crazy they go all the way from his shoulder to his elbow and that of course affects how we look at the very muscular level and it makes you look better if you have a longer muscle bellies also something that people overlook is how easily you lose fat isn’t that part of you genetics of course it is some people are naturally skinny so they lose fat easily and they don’t get fat easily these are usually the naturally skinny guys that are called hard gainers like they have some sort of a disadvantage but actually it can be seen as an advantage they don’t get that easily and they lose fat very very fast compared to other people good genetics and of course one last point is good endurance now yeah that may not be what you’re looking for if you’re trying to build muscle but that may be the genetic hand that you’ve been dealt and you need to play if you’ve ever played online games like World of Warcraft or defense of the ancients or something like that I used to play Silk Road when I was younger and in these games you have a lot of different classes of characters some of them are warriors some of them are wizards rogues whatever they have different skills and what’s interesting is that they are very balanced each class can defeat a different class even if they have different strengths and weaknesses and I found that always pretty cool and I think it’s the same thing with your genetics yes you may be disadvantaged in some areas but I am certain that you are advantage in other areas so you need to manage your weaknesses and improve your strength focus on your strengths and you will develop your potential because genetics are one of those subjects that you really can’t do much about that is the hand that you’ve been dealt and you must play don’t be a quitter don’t blame that for your lack of progress keep working harder and you will achieve the goals that you’re looking for even if they may not be as good as someone who was born for that but hey that’s the way it is thataway I’ll get nose to God on his own and to come back home alright Charles let’s go come on that’s the way yeah let’s go like the food of course you did all right so it’s currently 5 p.m. I’m going to have a workout with radish because we don’t miss workouts that’s a rule now the reason Rajesh is present in so many of my vlogs it’s because well we trained together which means we’re basically married bono really radish is one of my oldest friends we’ve known each other I think since I was 9 so a long time and we get along very well and he’s a great guy this is the gym okay so a lot of shampoo leave a little earlier because he had to get somewhere but now I finished my workout and I’m heading home right now Vista my hometown let’s wait for that siren to stop alright guys so in the morning we talked about genetics but I forgot to add one more thing your genetics also influence what are your strengths in terms of exercises something that most people know is that if you have long limbs and you are tall you will be strong on pulling movements and if you are short and you have short arms and legs and you are short in general you may be stronger on pushing movements such as bent bench press overhead press squats stuff like that usually tall people the tallest people with long limbs are stronger long deadlifts for example and they’re wicked on squats and they are weaker on bench press but are stronger on chin ups and pull ups and this is again something that you cannot change its what nature gave you and you got to make the most out of it for example I find that I am stronger on pulling movements than I am on pushing movements raddish my here my workout partner is exactly the opposite usually I’m stronger than him on everything that involves pulling but he is stronger than me on pushing movement and that’s something you need to consider as well that’s it guys thank you for watching episode 8 of muscle engine and I’ll be seeing you next time take care


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